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We are the UK's complete source for design, installation, and outfitting of martial arts facilities. Our large variety of martial arts mats are featured at top level events and training facilities across the UK. Whether you need Grappling Mats, Judo Mats, MMA Mats, Karate Mats, TKD Mats, Combo Mats, we have the martial arts mats you need.

UK's Top Selling MMA Mat

Selected by gym owners from coast to coast, SAMA MMA Mats are designed and built for the modern MMA Gym. Each mat features a multi-density foam core that can absorb the hardest throws and takedowns but which also provides a firm and stable...

More Than a Wrestling Mat

More than a Wrestling Mat, SAMA QuikFlex Mats are specifically designed for the training environment of modern MMA Gyms or BJJ Academies. Each mat features a unique 5 layer foam core covered by an authentic tatami or smooth vinyl surface...

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